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New Mexico LDS Single Adults

Last Updated: 9 April 2014

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Overcoming Pornography for everyone
NOTE: This is a privately published and supported web page for LDS singles.
This page is not sanctioned by nor has it any official connection with the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Notice: LDS Church Policy and Good Sense Requires that you be legally SINGLE
(never married, widowed, or legally divorced and finalized) BEFORE attending or
participating in single adult activities
Church leaders in positions of SA responsibility are of course welcome

Albuquerque Single Adult Hotline (505) 889-6080
(updated monthly)

NOTE: Are you Newly Single? Need to talk? Need help? Whatever? Feel free to call any of
the singles listed on this page -- anytime!

Please send info, events, and comments to: Jim & Jacque Devenport
jim at devenport dot org
Age Groupings: YSA (Young Single Adults)= 18 to 30; Single Adults = 30 and up
NOTE: Singles over 30 are NOT permitted to attend YSA activities
ALBUQUERQUE AREA ACTIVITIES (Needing for info on Las Cruces and other areas of the state) -------------------------------------------------------------------

Need Directions? Here's a link to LDS Meetinghouse Locator

SPECIAL Info: Invitation for Single Adults
The Coronado Branch is practicing volleyball every Thursday at 7pm at the Rio Rancho Stake Building:
We are having games at the Sage Building Fridays @ 7 PM... The teams are mixed.

APRIL 2014 Single Adult (Age 30 and up) CALENDAR

6 Apr, Sunday - After Conference potluck 6:00 PM and fireside 7:00 PM at the Haines Building
Please bring a dish to share.

12 Apr, Saturday - There is a Service Project this weekend starting at 9:00 AM:
Sister Johnson invited the singles over to her house at 1020 Goff to help with yard work and is providing something to eat.
We are asking if you can join us to bring gloves, sun screen, and yard tools. Water and trash bags will be provided.
Info contact Jack Packer at

13 Apr, Sunday - Fireside 7:00 PM at the SAGE Chapel, sponsored by the Los Lunas Stake

18 Apr, Friday - From Sterling Fluharty - Several of us singles are meeting at the Century Rio 24 movie theater
(directions:, for a showing around 7 or 7:30 PM of the Heaven is for Real movie.
We hope you will join us. Each ticket for this showtime will cost about $10.75.
I want to thank everyone who responded to my survey over the last few days and indicated the weekend, instead of Wednesday,
would work better for people's schedules.
This film is based on a best-selling Christian book about a small-town boy who visited heaven during a near-death experience.
The movie is rated PG for depicting some medical situations. We hope you can join us.
Here is a link for the movie trailer, in case you would like a preview of the movie:

19 Apr, Saturday - Rio Rancho Stake is sponsoring a dance 7:00 - 11:00 PM
- Cabezon Building - further details coming. The Cabezon is about 1 mile from the 7Bar Loop building

20 Apr, Sunday - Fireside at the Indian School Building ~ Sponsored by the East Stake (West of Tramway)
Refreshments are now served at 6:00PM; Fireside follows at 7:00 PM

26 Apr, Saturday - Come and Listen to a Prophet's Voice - 9:00 a.m. until Noon. ---
We will meet at the Petroglyph Amphitheatre. We'll discuss from General Conference the Women's General Meeting and the Priesthood Meeting.
Breakfast burritos will be served.

27 Apr, Sunday - West Stake Singles Fireside at 7-Bar Loop Chapel
(The 7 Bar building is up the hill from Cottonwood Mall on Ellison)


4-CORNERS ACTIVITIES (Farmington, Bloomfield, Kirtland, Aztec, Shiprock, Cortez, Durango, etc.)

NOTE: "Kirtland" refers to the city of Kirtland, NM, near Farmington-
NOT Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque.

4-Corners Singles Calendar Listings
(No information Yet provided)
Info Contact Ralph Mangum 505-320-9152 or Pat Smith 505-320-7667

4-Corners Singles Contacts: (All area Code 505)
Aztec - 505 N. Oliver, Aztec
Bloomfield - 804 W. Blanco, Bloomfield - Pat Smith, 505-326-5892/320-7667; Ralph Mangum 505-325-5647, cell 505-320-9152
Farmington - 1310 S. 25th St, Farmington (Knudsen Building) - Lance Bond 505-419-0914, Diane Chelson 505-327-2576
Kirtland - 423 CR 6100, Kirtland (Old Chapel); High Council Singles Leader Don Cluff 505-598-5772, Ron & Shirleen Jack 505-598-5412
Shiprock - Shiprock, US Hwy 666 North-Turn left after hospital and before going down the big hill - Helen Bileen, 368-5344/716-3845
Durango Stake, CO for Firesides - 2 Hilltop Dr.; Janice Alsobrook, 970-759-4592 (home) or 970-565-7300 Work
Albuquerque East Stake - Barbie Apodaca (505-417-4935)
Albuquerque East Stake Webpage
Albuquerque West Stake - Linda Hess (505-702-9350)
Los Lunas Stake - Bonnie Shiftlett (505-877-1712) or Jack Packer ( )
Rio Rancho Stake - Chris Nichols - text him at 505-249-5828
Santa Fe Stake - Rob Wilde (231-8208)

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