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Last Updated: 22 July 2015

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NOTE: This is a privately published and supported web page for LDS singles.
This page is not sanctioned by nor has it any official connection with the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Notice: LDS Church Policy and Good Sense Requires that you be legally SINGLE
(never married, widowed, or legally divorced and finalized) BEFORE attending or
participating in single adult activities
Church leaders in positions of SA responsibility are of course welcome

Albuquerque Single Adult Hotline (505) 889-6080
(updated monthly)

NOTE: Are you Newly Single? Need to talk? Need help? Whatever? Feel free to call any of
the singles listed on this page -- anytime!

Please send info, events, and comments to: Jim & Jacque Devenport
jim at devenport dot org
Age Groupings: YSA (Young Single Adults)= 18 to 30; Single Adults = 30 and up
NOTE: Singles over 30 are NOT permitted to attend YSA activities

ALBUQUERQUE AREA ACTIVITIES (Needing Info on Las Cruces, Four-Corners, and other areas of the state! )

Need Directions? Here's a link to LDS Meetinghouse Locator

JUNE 2015 Single Adult (Age 30 and up) CALENDAR

4 July, Saturday - We thought it would be fun to go down to scripture rock in Los Lunas -
We will meet at the Haines Building on Saturday, July 4th to carpool. We leave the building at 8:45 AM SHARP.
Here's the plan:
Leave the Haines building at 8:45 AM SHARP
We will be hiking to the rock - wear appropriate clothing/shoes/hat
Bring bottled water. We'll probably be there about 1 1/2 hours.
After the hike, we're meeting at the Route 66 Cafe on Central in Albuquerque for lunch.
Want to simply join us for lunch at the Route 66 Cafe? We should be there at about NOON
Want to know more about Scripture Rock? ............. Click HERE
Questions? Call or text Charlie Mosher 603-548-8796

5 July, Sunday - Potluck at 6 PM; Fireside ​at 7 PM - Please bring a dish to share.
Sponsored by the Albuquerque Stake at the Haines Building. ​
(Haines Street runs along I-40 to the South) The building is 2 blocks west of San Pedro.​

11 July, Saturday - Singles Temple Night. Meet at the temple at 5:00 PM to attend the 6:00 PM Session.
Please contact Colleen with any questions - (505-417-2357) or

12 July, Sunday - Fireside at the Los Lunas Building Building ~ 7:00 PM. Sponsored by the Los Lunas Stake
Los Lunas Building: 160 James St., (Off HWY 314 in Los Lunas).

18 July, Saturday - Annual Pots n Pies Activity Starting at 9:30 AM.
We are looking for those who would like to cook food in a Dutch oven (camping oven).
Those who cook in ovens will cook the mains dishes and sides.
Those who will not be cooking in Dutch ovens are invited to bring a pie to share.
This activity will be hosted at the Haines building.
If you would like to cook in a Dutch oven, please call Leah or Stephen Graham at 505-269-9178.

19 July, Sunday - East Stake Singles snacks at 6:00 PM and fireside at 7:00 PM at the Indian School Building, Relief Society Room

26 July, Sunday - Fireside CANCELLED. See y'all next month
(The 7Bar building is up the hill from Cottonwood Mall on Ellison)


Singles Hot Line: (505) 889-6080

Albuquerque Area Singles Contacts:
Albuquerque Stake - Stephen Graham (505-323-5129)
Albuquerque East Stake (31-45 age singles) - Walter Fazio (505-933-5323) or
Albuquerque East Stake (45 & up singles) - Michael Gentilini ( ) or (505-315-0423)
Albuquerque West Stake - Linda Hess (505-702-9350)
Los Lunas Stake - Julie Ledbetter and Gary Owens (505-821-4740 or )
Rio Rancho Stake - Chris Nichols - text him at 505-249-5828
Santa Fe Stake - Rob Wilde (231-8208)

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